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I have evaluated children who present with a constellation of  
oropharyngeal dysphagia, GER, and laryngo, tracheo,  and/or 
laryngotracheomalacia.  Some of these children have had other definable 
diagnoses/interventions such as s/p esophageal atresia and tracheoesophageal 
fistula repair.  I have also seen children without a specific diagnostic 
entity who have the same constellation of clinical presentations.

When these children with larynggomalacia present with respiratory distress 
they are more likely to have feeding and swallowing problems.  Likewise if they have 
minor impairments in swallowing function they may be a increased risk 
for respiratory compromise.  One of the challenges with this population 
is determining where and how aggressively to intervene in the cycle.  
Some factors that may influence these decisions include: the presence of 
other congenital anomalies; the prognosis; and the patient's medical, 
health, nutritional, and developmental status.  

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> Pleaes ask the group members if they have ever found dysphagia associated
> with laryngomalacia, seems likely but not too many refferences and none with
> dysphagia, anadotal information of intrest.
> thank you
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