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  • Pediatric Serivces In San Francisco?, MAUREEN A LEFTON-GREIF
  • Outcome Measures for Dysphagia, Phyllis Palmer
  • Cost study, Phyllis Palmer
  • Dementia and Dysphagia, VCooper531@aol.com
  • Aerophagia in Ventilator Dependent Patients, Teresa Brobeck
  • mistaken identities, Teresa Brobeck
  • Difficulty swallowing medications, MedSearch, Inc.
  • Medicare Reimbursement, VCooper531@aol.com
  • Throat Pain, bobcat@Southwind.com
  • pills, Abigail Gostein
  • Dysphagia journal, Southeastern VA Training Center #2
  • swallowing vs. speech & language, jdev9894@ACC.FAU.EDU
  • reverse swallow, janelle_sampson@mindlink.bc.ca
  • Thanks for the info., Southeastern VA Training Center #2
  • Medicare-Dysphagia Problem, Dave Stein
  • Hospital Restructuring, Maryellen Rudolph
  • pain, Chris & Mark
  • inservice re: dysphagia, feeding and dementia, VCooper531@aol.com
  • Late effects of oral irradiation on swallowing (fwd), Phyllis Palmer
  • No subject, Ron
  • Cost Analysis in Dyspahgia Management, Petrovic Dragan
  • laryngeal elevation, Janice L. Singer-Wagner
  • Position Available, MKARNELL@otolaryngology-po.oto.uiowa.edu
  • oximetry, janelle_sampson@mindlink.bc.ca
  • case (fwd), Pamela Ann Nitto
  • Difficult dementia pt., VCooper531@aol.com
  • s/p trach and reduced epiglottic fx, Phyllis Palmer

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