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copious saliva

A couple of comments re: this pt. with increased saliva productio  and oral
and pharyngeal stage dysphagia ...  You comment that the saliva ranges from
thin to thick and ropey. I have come across thick and ropey saliva in
patients with poor ability to swallow their saliva - the saliva remains in
the oral cavity for some time, during which time it beomes thicker and more
viscous (also made worse ++ by dairy products ie. milk based drinks).  I'm
wondering whether his thinner saliva happens when he is speaking or eating
(ie. salivary glands are activated and fresh saliva produced - this may
account for the range of saliva viscosity).  Also - does he have any oral
candida, as this sometimes accompanies the ropey saliva??

Re: the prospects of surgery - I recently attended a conference in Sydney
(Australia) attended by Dr. Jerri Logemann and also other prominent ENT
surgeons.  They commented that surgery may be useful if the problem is ONLY
with drooling, but not with drooling + dysphagia.  On the pther hand, my
husband (a Dentist) informs me that there are so many MINOR salivary ducts,
that surgery would not be a viable option.  Perhaps you could try a
medication that dries saliva (ie has a xerostomia side -effect) - has anyone
had any success with this??

I agree with one of the previous postings on this topic also, that the use
of an obturator/ palatal device would actually increase saliva flow.  May
also not sit in place given oral musculature weakness and excess saliva

Hope this info helps.


Julie Cichero
B.Sp.Thy (Hons), B.A., Ph.D. Student

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