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aspiration atelectasis?

  • Subject: aspiration atelectasis?
  • From: s109561@student.uq.edu.au (Julie Cichero)
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 10:34:47 +1000 (GMT+1000)

You wrote:

>>Please note that, unless specifically stated, Cameron and his colleaugues
>wrote the book on aspiration of GASTRIC contents as well as aspiration of
>saliva from mouths with extremely poor hygiene, leading to abcess formation.
>In the 1970,s and still, for most of the world, the term "aspiration
>pneumonia" refers to aspiration of stomach contents.  Cameron and Zuidema,
>ofetn misquoted as sources of evidence of the risk of ORAL aspiration, make
>it clear in their article that they found vomitus in the trachea etc., etc.
>the article on trachs I believe also indicated that they found no spiration
>with endotracheal tubes.  There is still no reliable evidence of a direct
>relationship between aspiration of oral contents and the development of
>pnaeumonia in an adequately nourished person with good oral hygiene.

You're quite right in saying that the article did not find aspiration
associated with ETT's in these surgical patients. While there might not be a
DIRECT relationship between  aspiration of oral contents and development of
pneumonia, I still feel that there is a strong enough relationship between
the two for SLP's to be concerned about.  To quote Logemann from a recent
conference - the risk of developing pneumonia from aspiration of oral
contents is a bit like the relationship between smoking and cancer - I don't
know about you, but I'm certainly not going to be taking any chances.


Julie Cichero

P.s. I found the article doing a lit search on aspiration and trache's

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