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Throat phlegm and Voice

  • Subject: Throat phlegm and Voice
  • From: polio@scottburgh.co.za (Cilla Webster)
  • Date: Sat, 25 Apr 1998 09:43:59 +0200

Good day all

I have trouble swallowing (PPS) and talking.  I have noticed that with
winter approaching that in the cool of the morning and evening my voice is
just above a whisper.  I also have breathing problems and just take it easy
when chest feels too 'heavy'.  At present no one knows what it is because
no one is too clued up here in South Africa.  (My specialist told my GP in
a letter that I knew more than he did!!)

I certainly do not know quite what to do about my swallowing and voice
problems.  Sometimes I am so exhausted from trying to talk I just keep
quiet.  (Quite something if you knew me well!!)

I look forward to any info you can give me.

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