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FEES costs of equipment

  • Subject: FEES costs of equipment
  • From: Slsraleigh@aol.com (Slsraleigh)
  • Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 06:35:03 EDT

Hi Karen and Leslie,

My company builds FEES systems on a customized basis.  Hospital based system
range from $24,000 for a single S-VHS videocassette system with a 13" monitor
to $42,000 for a completely digital capture system (which can also record
MBSS's).  The digital system eliminates VCR's and television monitors.  For
digital applications, we exclusively use the Clark TUT capture card system
(the only one that's FDA approved for medical applications).  With the digital
system, each study is "recorded" and saved to a CD-ROM for future viewing and

Leslie asked about portable FEES.  A standard system with single VCR and 13"
monitor would be approx. $17,000. The fully portable digital system (uses a
portable PC w/ LCD monitor and works as described above) would be $30,000.  I
also contract portable FEES services to SNF's (and hospitals).  I'd be happy
to discuss billing and the new PPS rules.  Just call or email.

You can email me or call 919 468 8979 for information on protocols or further

Stuart Bradley, MS, CCC-SLP
Carolina Speech Therapy, Inc.

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