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[Dysphagia] dysphagia lusoria

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] dysphagia lusoria
  • From: amysokol1@mail.com (amy sokol)
  • Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:42:09 -0500

Dysphagia Listserve, I am writing from an acute care facility where we have recently seen two patients during Modfied Barium Swallow Studies presenting with what my Radiologists are naming "dysphaia lusoria". The official definition of this being "...compression by the right subclavian artery arising abnormally from the thoracic aorta and passing behind the esophagus". Both patients have histories of progressive dysphagia without any evidence of neuorological etiology (both have had thorough work ups, etc..).  One presents with severe osteophytes and spurs prostruding into the pharynx which probibit complete excursion of the epiglottis resulting in severe residue, aspiration and other issues.  The other gentlemen presents with osteophytes at the level of the upper esophageal sphincter prohibiting complete relaxation and resulting in residue in the pyriform sinuses, retrograde flow of liquids, aspiration.  Anyone else comes across osteophytes significant enough to result in severe dysphagia?   Thanks for your input.

Amy Sokol, MS, CCC-SLP
Sentara Hampton General Hopsital
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