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[Dysphagia] Dementia and Dysphagia

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] Dementia and Dysphagia
  • From: GuptaJ@sesahs.nsw.GOV.AU (Jai Gupta)
  • Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:51:39 +1000

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Heather ...to add to that mind you experience tells me Dementia does not =
come in a single neat package .... as the disease progress various =
systems start breaking down faster giving raise to UTI, Falls leading to =
fractures, Malnutrition, resp. infections, etc. to name the few=20
To start you off with your research you can read the following and they =
will give you good lead to the areas you are interested....I think =
medline has about 70-80 articles most of them case studies of various =
syndromes and some on feeding issues ..

Jerrard-Dunne P. Farrell Z. O'Neill D. Dementia with oropharyngeal =
dysphagia and myopathy. [Journal Article] Dysphagia. 16(3):196-9, 2001=20

Lieu PK. Chong MS. Seshadri R. The impact of swallowing disorders in the =
elderly. [Review] [60 refs] [Journal Article. Review. Review Literature] =
Annals of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. 30(2):148-54, 2001=20

Chouinard J. Lavigne E. Villeneuve C. Weight loss, dysphagia, and =
outcome in advanced dementia. [Journal Article] Dysphagia. 13(3):151-5, =

good luck
Jai Gupta

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From: Irene Campbell-Taylor [mailto:eripley@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, 20 September 2002 11:50 PM
To: Heather Riedy; dysphagia@b9.com
Subject: Re: [Dysphagia] Dementia and Dysphagia

I would start by identifying what type of dementia
you're addressing. Is it Alzheimer, Pick, Diffuse Lewy
Body disease (probably more common than AD). Is it
progressive, static or treatable? Is it dementia or
delirium? I think you've been assigned a topic that
could take years to complete so suggest you discuss
narrowing it quite a bit. Keep in mind, please, that
just because someone has a Dx of AD doesn't mean they
actually have it - only about 30% of these diagnoses
the disease reaches the more advanced stages i.e. the
patient becomes parkinsonian with increased rigidity
but I find that swallowing problems often appear
earlier than they should because of the neuroleptic
and other pwychotropic medications that are still too
often used for behavioral control.
--- Heather Riedy <heatherriedy@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone!  I am a grad student and am currently
> taking a class in dysphagia.  We were all assigned
> topics for a research paper and my topic is dementia
> and dysphagia.  I was wondering if anyone knew where
> I
> could obtain some more info or knew of any good
> journal articles on the topic. I don't know
> why...but
> I am struggling to find info.
> Thank you very, very much.....
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