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  • [Dysphagia] Two day hands on Endoscopic Assessment of Swallowing Course, Bartcyn@cs.com
  • [Dysphagia] Help! Need lit references use of good oral care to prevent pneumonia., Trish Spencer
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  • Fwd: [Dysphagia] Free Water References, Sylvia Banach
  • [Dysphagia] radiation to the lungs, bonnieh4455
  • [Dysphagia] Request, Irene Campbell-Taylor
  • [Dysphagia] Spanish material, Burk, Margaret - MHA
  • [Dysphagia] Patient of the month, Irene Campbell-Taylor
  • [Dysphagia] Pulsated fluoroscopy, TIAFAMILY@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Varibar, TIAFAMILY@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Blue dye-black market?, Teresa Springer
  • [Dysphagia] Tongue strengthening...biofeedback, Namp304@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia digest, Vol 1 #929 - 1 msg, RDVRX@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] medications, Ron McClanahan
  • [Dysphagia] Silent aspiration and COPD, Sandi Lancaster
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia digest, Vol 1 #933 - 10 msgs, RDVRX@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] ? virus, sorriso@adelphia.net
  • [Dysphagia] Therapy Caps to be Suspended for Remainder of 2003, Moratorium Until 2005, Janet Brown
  • [Dysphagia] New xerostomia med., Sarah Ware
  • [Dysphagia] Professional Question, Sarah Ware
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia digest, Vol 1 #935 - 3 msgs, RDVRX@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Position announcement, GIBTARF@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Appropriations Bill Addresses 75% Rule for Inpatient Rehab, Janet Brown
  • [Dysphagia] Two day hands on Endoscopy course, Bartcyn@cs.com
  • Fwd: [Dysphagia] sword swallowing, KLASLP@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] liquid diet, Monique Frank
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia digest, Vol 1 #939 - 2 msgs, Carrie & David
  • [Dysphagia] subscription to list serve please, Andrepont, Jennifer R
  • [Dysphagia] Use of Blue Dye, BOBGLENSIDE@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Videofluoroscopy/Modified Barium Swallow Radiology Equipment Troubleshooting, BARBARA MESSING
  • [Dysphagia] change of email address, Mary Gorham-Rowan
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia Digest, Vol 1, Issue 941, RDVRX@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Videofluoroscopy/Modified Barium Swallow RadiologyEquipment Troubleshooting, Buckie,Marcia
  • [Dysphagia] Peer Review for Documents on Endoscopic Examinations of Swallowing, Janet Brown
  • [Dysphagia] Oesophageal Stents, Paula Leslie
  • [Dysphagia] RHLD and dysphagia, Clarke-Goertz, Kim (PAPHR)
  • [Dysphagia] Help with a diagnosis, BEHAMG@stjoe.on.ca
  • [Dysphagia] Fluoroscoy suites, acellucc@caregroup.harvard.edu
  • [Dysphagia] archives, Ron McClanahan
  • [Dysphagia] Pulmonary Fibrosis, Stacy H. Simon
  • [Dysphagia] Re:vital stim, mbventura@att.net
  • [Dysphagia] Normal Aspiration of Saliva, SuzMorris@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] GERD Tx, Irene Campbell-Taylor
  • [Dysphagia] Jackson trach question, Monique Frank
  • [Dysphagia] CERA training materials, CASK51454@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] Re: Dysphagia Digest, Vol 1, Issue 950, Monique Frank
  • [Dysphagia] Laryngeal Clefts and Swallowing, SuzMorris@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] ? silent aspirator, Nelson, Amy
  • [Dysphagia] Seeking SLPs to review online courses, Wendy, Dynamic Learning Online, Inc.
  • [Dysphagia] test, Tessa Lowis
  • [Dysphagia] Re: FEES, TPalma113@aol.com
  • [Dysphagia] SWAL-QUOL, Sokoloff, Lisa (2955)

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