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[Dysphagia] Bedside Swallow Evals and Tracheostomy patients

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] Bedside Swallow Evals and Tracheostomy patients
  • From: EDolinger at Christianacare.org (Dolinger, Eric)
  • Date: Tue Oct 10 11:02:08 2006

I would say most of our trached patients get a swallow evaluation at some
point.  In our case the bedside evaluation is usually quite limited as we
have FEES available.  We don't always get consulted for the OSA patients
with new tracheostomy tubes - and they often don't have any problems anyway

Eric Dolinger, MA CCC-SLP
Senior Speech Pathologist
Christiana Care Health System 
Phone 302-733-1015
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Subject: [Dysphagia] Bedside Swallow Evals and Tracheostomy patients

I work for a large acute level I trauma hospital and wanted some input 
from those with an opinion.  What are your feelings on administering 
bedside swallow evaluations on patients with acute tracheostomy tubes 
in place?  Any concerns about silent aspiration?  Baroreceptor 
dysfunction?  Decreased sensation?  Tethered larynx?  I'd be VERY 
interested in your thoughts!


Todd R. Fix, MA CCC/SLP
Orlando Regional Medical Center
Orlando, FL 32806
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