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[Dysphagia] sneezing

Yes! Stretch the jaw and tongue.  Consider a Therabite ROM device for
potential trismus.

The edema may be a lifelong concern
Is there any PT/OT in your area that has experience in lymphedema
management.  This can really help.

Eric Dolinger, MA CCC-SLP
Senior Speech Pathologist
Christiana Care Health System 
Phone 302-733-1015
Fax 302-733-1061
edolinger at christianacare.org

Main office 302-733-1010

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Hi there.  I have a pt with left tonsillar CA; s/p XRT and chemo,
followed by a modified neck dissection (10/15/07); lymph nodes removed
and clear from CA.  He has been dealing with a great deal of xerostomia;
very mild pharyngeal dysphagia (on a soft, moist diet and thin), is
dealing with increases in edema of his left jaw/face and tightness in
BOT due to edema.
Couple questions:  

1.  would lingual stretches benefit him at this time to increase his
ROM/lingual flexibility?

2.  Has anyone seen this situation where edema comes on suddenly after
3-4 weeks of surgery (fluids have no where to go since the lymph nodes
have been removed).  Does this resolve itself?

3.  He c/o a sensation of his head feeling like it will explode when he
sneezes.....he says the sneeze comes out from nose, mouth and ears. Pt
states it feels better when he plugs his nose when he sneezes. Makes
sense on how it would happen, but what would be causing this?  It has
been occurring since XRT, which was pre-surgical.

Thanks in advance for your response.


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