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[Dysphagia] Suction toothbrushes

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] Suction toothbrushes
  • From: kgoertz at paphr.sk.ca (Clarke-Goertz, Kim (PAPHR))
  • Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 10:01:23 -0600

Hi All,
A friend asked me to pass on a query re: suction toothbrushes and
suction sources for same in a community (home) setting.  If anyone could
give us some insight, she would be most greatful.
--wondering if you have any contacts or info re: use of suction
toothbrushes in a community setting? i have a CP teen who is NPO with a
PEG. He needs better oral care so I am trying to research whether a
suction brush is an option. From what I have found on the web I think
the Plak Vac is the one for him...just not sure if it is an option in a
non-medical setting, ie, what do you use as the suction source? If you
have supplier / cost info, I would also be appreciative--

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