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[Dysphagia] rumination

I also work with adults with DD.  We get these same kinds of things - kind of like "urban legends".  We try to steer our folks toward GI's who treat our DD population in the same manner that they treat the general population.  I can't tell you how many times there have been recommendations for puree diets or tube placement to help fix reflux or rumination, but you or I would not get that kind of recommendation if we showed up at the doctor's office with full column reflux.
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Speaking of rumination, where I work, there are several group homes where adult DD clients live.  They have been using peanut butter immediately after a meal to reduce this.  Some individuals also have had their liquids restricted during meals.  I was not here when these decisions were made.  Of course no one at the group homes is aware of why this is done only that "it has been done for years".  The decision to put these individuals on these plans is not documented.  Most of the people on these plans are over 50 years old.  Does anyone have experience with this?

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