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[Dysphagia] Jackson steel tracheostomy tubes

  • Subject: [Dysphagia] Jackson steel tracheostomy tubes
  • From: info@passy-muir.com (Lisa Y. Torres)
  • Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 16:50:49 -0800

If you are using the Pilling Weck Jackson "improved" tube sizes 4, 5 or 6,
you would use our PMV 2020 valve http://www.passy-muir.com/valves.htm that
has an adapter packaged with the valve.  The "improved" tube has a little
hub to attach the valve.  The edges of the hub look like the edges of a

If you are using any other metal trach tube, where the inner cannula is
flush to the outer cannula, then you have to remove the inner cannula, and
find an Endotracheal tube (ET) adapter that fits the inner diameter of the
outer cannula.  All the other Passy-Muir Valves (PMVs) fit the 15mm
connection of the ET adapter.  See Fig. 6 on

You can ask the respiratory therapy department for an ET adapter.  They
should have them around.  If not, they are sold by SIMS/Portex.

If you have any other 

Lisa Y. Torres, M.A., CCC-SLP
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Passy-Muir, Inc.
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4521 Campus Drive
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Yes, there is one. Don't have any other info on me at home. Check with your
respiratory therapy department. Or else the distributor of your trach
supplies should be able to help.

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Subject: [Dysphagia] Jackson steel tracheostomy tubes

> is there an adaptor that fits the Jackson trach tubes with the Passey Muir
> speaking valves???
> This is for a dysphagia patient who doesn't like the trach plug that came
> w/ Jackson tube. Had PMSV from previous SHiley trach use  and liked it.
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